Terms & Conditions

By purchasing an item via dorakodata.com, you agree to the following terms and conditions:


dorakodota.com acts as a facilitator, enabling a customer (you) to purchase from sellers, stores and/or individuals.

Warranty and returns

Customer may obtain warranty service from seller, manufacturer or vendor if such services are available. Dorakadota.com cannot return items to seller.

Special purchase/ pre-order / limited items

Certain items are limited to a number of units each day. In such cases we will place customer orders in the sequence they were received.

With items that are in limited stock / special offers, we make every effort to place the order as soon as possible, but we cannot guarantee that we will be able to get that deal. If we cannot purchase the item, we will try to purchase it from another site. If the price has increased, we will let you know, and you may purchase at that price or cancel the order and obtain a refund.


Occasionally, sellers cancel our orders for various reasons. In such cases, we will attempt to place a new order from another seller, if possible. If we are unable to, we will let you know and you can obtain a refund.

Multiple unit purchases

Some items are limited stock only. If more than one unit is ordered we will try our best to obtain from the same seller but we may have to order additional units from other sellers at a higher price. If this is the case we will inform you first.


No refunds or replacements are entertained after items are sold.

Maximum liability

Our maximum liability is limited to the amount you paid less any costs incurred by dorakodata.com on products already purchased.